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Making marks – a new project

I’m starting a new daily project which I’ll be chronicling a little bit here and probably a bit more on Instagram either here or here. (still not sure whether two instagrams is a good or a bad idea.)

The rules are simple, every day I will draw something new. There are no real restrictions on medium or theme except that it cannot be digital. Basically it’s an excuse (and a daily reminder) to put some marks on paper.

With such loose restrictions you might wonder why I even bother calling it a project – but to me a project is about making time and intention. I usually have the best of intentions to get out my supplies and play around a bit but often it’s easier to just visualize myself doing that while I continue to sit on the couch, surf the web and watch hulu. By publicly declaring my intent I’m hoping this little exercise will provide a bit of motivation.

Black & White Doodles
A bit of my current studio walls

Over the course of the last few months I’ve found myself drawn more and more to monochromatic drawings oftentimes incorporating nature or geometric shapes (and lately pixies) so I’m excited to dive a bit deeper into those themes and see what comes out.

Part of my reason for starting Manka in the first place was to have an open space to experiment and explore whatever strikes my fancy and take you down the rabbit hole with me. This will be the start of that little journey.

In addition, rather than keep these drawings to myself closed up in my studio I thought I would offer them up to whoever might want them. Each one will be $5 including shipping and you will be able to purchase them in the shop here.

Strawberry Girl
I started today so if you fancy the little strawberry girl above, you can grab her here