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An unintentional pause.

Milk Vampire

September is almost over and I last posted in July. Whoops. August got eaten by that little Milk Vampire up there. He is very cute but take lots of time and attention. We’ve worked out a deal now so my little Milk Vampire is going to let me play in this space a bit more and in exchange I will let him keep me up all night.

Now that I’ve found a bit more rhythm (a really tiny bit) to this new mothering gig I’m hoping to find a little more time to devote to Manka. I have a couple new products waiting to be photographed and a bunch more buzzing around in my head waiting to be sketched out so hopefully I will be able to eke out a little time to share them with you. My goal is to post once a week. Hopefully Mr. Milk Vampire will let me stick to that.