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Manka Goals for 2015


I love the start of the year because I love to set goals. I don’t like the word resolution, seems too prone to failure, but goals I can get behind. And, since accountability is always good, I’ve decided to share my goals here and (if I am on the ball) check in periodically to talk about how they’re going.

2014 was a year of transition and change. I quit my job, moved across the country, bought a 100 year old house, launched Manka and had a baby. In other words, it was a bit of a blur. This year, now that I’m somewhat settled, I’d like to focus on building and growing.

My work time is limited in ways it has never been before, so I need to get the most out of my day. Hopefully, by writing down tangible goals I’ll have an easier time working towards them instead of meandering down other paths as I am prone to do. With that in mind here are my modest(?) goals for 2015.

Finish illustrating the Children’s Book I’ve been neglecting
A good friend of mine asked me to illustrate a children’s book that he wrote and with the move and the baby and all of life’s busy-ness it’s been languishing a bit. I’m recommitting to finishing it this year.

Create a more complete card offering
I’ve enjoyed creating some greeting cards but my approach has been a little haphazard. This year I’m going to concentrate on creating a more cohesive offering that includes General Everyday Cards, Happy Birthday, Thank you, Congratulations, etc. Basically the big non-seasonal categories. Seasonal may be a goal for next year, but this year I’m sticking to the non time-sensitive groups.

Double my online sales compared to 2014
I put this site/shop up but then didn’t do much at all with it last year. I sold some things through the shop but the majority of my sales came from other places. I want to up my game this year and see if I can get my site out there a little more.

Participate in one craft fair each season
I had so much fun participating in Handmade Holiday in December that I am hoping to make it a more regular thing. There are a few Craft Fairs coming up that I am hoping I’ll be able to participate in.

Dedicate time each week to work on a special project
There are a bunch of special projects and collaborations I’ve been meaning to work on/start but other things get in the way. This year I’d like to dedicate a particular time each week to focus on them. Even an hour or two a week will get them moving in the right direction and give me something fun to look forward to each week!

And of course to continue to do awesome work for my clients who give me fabulous projects to work on that also happen to be enormously fun.

So here we go 2015! These are probably more ambitious than I think they are but I like a challenge. I’m excited for the next 12 months and what they hold. Hopefully by throwing my intentions out there into the ether, good things will come.