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Manka (well, Zara) in Paris!

I vélib I can fly

I’m super thrilled to share that I will be participating in a show in Paris put on by my friends at ARTCRANK in partnership with the City of Paris’ bike sharing program, Vélib. The show will be opening in early April in Paris and will continue on through mid-May. I’m one of 19 international artists with pieces in the show and I think one of 3 americans.

I was totally honored (still am) to be approached to be part of the show – especially since it celebrates the joy of riding a bike, something I am super excited to start doing again (and sharing with my boy!) now that I am not pregnant and it is not freezing out anymore.

Creating my poster was a ton of fun, after sharing a couple concepts with the folks at Vélib and ARTCRANK, I got to create a poster that involved some of my favorite things. Bikes, Monsters, and Paris. I’m so happy with how it turned out and I am excited to see it when I go to Paris next month.

"Sunday in the City"
“Sunday in the City”

Since I am still sadly lacking in a screen printing set up in my house (hopefully to be remedied in a few months), the awesome folks at Itty Bitty Press printed this one up for me. They did a fantastic job, the poster looks even better in person.

More information about the show and all the details about the event are in the press release, which you can peruse here.