Manka is the shop and studio of Zara Gonzalez Hoang, a creative maker based out of Falls Church, VA.

About Manka
Small batch products with a touch of whimsy.
Manka, which means “little rascal” in Polish seemed a fitting name for a little creative shop & studio run by a girl with polish roots – especially one whose illustrations tend to involve monsters and pixies more often than not. Founded in 2014, Manka is a tiny one person creative studio focused on creating interesting and engaging products out of paper.

About Zara Gonzalez Hoang
Nomad, doodler, corgi-friend.
Zara was born and raised in a little bungalow in South Minneapolis. Her childhood was colorful and loud and filled with a number of interesting characters, (the main one being her fantastical storytelling dad) which exposed her to different viewpoints, ideas, and cultures early in life and instilled in her a curiosity that continues to drive her passion to learn, explore and experiment.Before starting Manka, Zara worked in advertising and for start ups as a designer and creative director but after working on other people’s brands for so long she started to wonder what it would be like to work on her own. She started Manka as an way to experiment with paper and printmaking. Her work mixes digital and traditional media and is influenced by her lifelong love of fairytales and mythology, nature, food and travel.